Up in the air!

Nature and challange

A unique opportunity to get to know each other, create unity and try out your own strengths.

All year | day/evening | 10-150 persons

Nature and challange

Jump from a 13 meter high post!

Just by the hotel Nature and challenge offers adventure activities where one can push their own limits and feel the adrenaline.

These activities are very popular among conference delegates and guests.

The activity program is diverse and can be put together according to your wishes. You can climb a 13 meter high mast, jump out and try to reach a trapeze that hangs in front of you. Or balance on a line or pole high above the ground. All the time you are assured by professional people.

Participants can enjoy good food and drink in a big tent or a longhouse nearby. The activities of Nature and challenge has been an exercise in TV show 71 Degrees North at Norwegian broadcaster TV Norway, and is suitable for everyone from 5 to 75 years.

“All the time you are assured by professional people”

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