Getting to know the community

The village

A nice walk with tales, facts and stories.

All year | day/evening | minimum 10 persons

Guided walking tour of the village

Be familiar with the history of Sommarøy

For those who wants to learn more about our local community, we highly recommend our guided walking tour.

Stops of this walk include the local museum, king’s park, handicraft society, art studio, church and of course the legendary Kaillkråa. As it is mostly the women who do all the grocery shopping, the men are left in the Kaillkråa, where they each have a hook with their name above on which their coffee cups hang!

If you like, we can also walk down to the quayside and see life unfolding at this vibrant fishing village. The tour, which lasts around two hours, is designed to give guests an insight into our local community.

“About 400 people live at Sommarøy”

Other activities

Pier party

Pier party for up to 600 people with food and drink. Arranged in authentic fish factory closed down in 2007.

Ask us if you have any questions!

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